Posted on Mar 16, 2020

Okc Dental Implants+Dentures

As oral healthcare professionals we are closely monitoring the Covid-19 pandemic.
Much information has been shared about the many closures and cancellations as well as other advisories. The reason behind this has not always been made clear or been widely discussed. With a fatality rate somewhere around 4% it is very concerning. By slowing the transmission of Covid-19 more people might avoid this potentiallt fatal virus. Our healthcare system will also have a better chance of saving more lives. Hospitals will struggle to keep up if too many cases occur at one time. We must try to keep the healthcare system from becoming overwhelmed in order to be able to care for those most in need during this crisis. Doing our best to protect ourself and others slows the spread of this strain of the coronavirus is our moral obligation and responsibity.
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